Enrichment for the Chimps

This week, our keepers have been experimenting with some exciting new enrichment for the chimps. At Jambo’s group we have used some old reels of material to create “hammocks” in the beds areas for the chimps to sleep in; these hammocks go some way to imitating the natural sleeping environment for wild chimps as they create soft nests in the trees out of foliage.

We try to stimulate all the senses when giving enrichment and Danny, Tommy and Kip were lucky enough to get some old CDs, which our chimps often use to see their own reflection. Tommy and Kip however, found something far more fun to use them for and started a game of air hockey using the CDs as pucks!

Twycross Zoo also received a generous donation of exotic fruit from Tesco this week, so all the Apes have been puzzling over some new flavours and textures and have enjoyed the challenge of trying to get into whole coconuts. Some found it easier than others, and Noddy was carrying hers around for nearly two days!


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