Chimps Enjoy the Snow!

We have had nearly a foot of snow at Twycross Zoo this week and although many of our chimps prefer to take shelter in the warm, some act like big kids and enjoy going out and playing in the snow! – You might be surprised to hear that Jambo still enjoys going out and surveying his territory in the cold despite his alopecia!

Some chimps, especially Louis and Choppers, enjoy scooping up big piles in their hands and bringing it inside to eat. Take a look at our facebook page to see how much Louis is enjoying his own snowy snack!

In the cold weather the keepers make every effort to keep all the chimps snug and warm inside their houses. Extra heaters get put in the inside areas, as well as lots of extra bedding and even some blankets, however, most of our chimps prefer to keep warm by getting close to each other during grooming sessions and exercising by swinging on the ropes.

We hope you are all enjoying the snow as much as our chimps!



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