Coco’s Group Venture Outdoors

This week Coco, Noddy and Mongo have been given access to their outside run for the first time. As they are now housed in an enclosure previously home to the zoo’s gorillas – alterations had to be made to ensure it was safe to let Chimps into it (Chimps are much more agile and climb more than Gorillas). They are enjoying having more options as to where to spend their time and the keepers are able to feed them outside now, depending on the weather. It has been great for the Ape Keepers to see Coco and friends have even more space and access to the elements – our chimps are proving quite hardy!

On a sad note, Ricky, who made up the fourth Chimp in Coco’s group passed away last weekend. Ricky was a much loved Chimp who was a pleasure to work with and had a very amenable and laid back temperament. All at the zoo are very sad to say goodbye to Ricky, he will be greatly missed.


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