Top Chimps: Who’s in Charge?

Up at the ‘Chimp Complex’ this week the keepers have noticed some interesting
group dynamics developing since Kip moved across to be with Danny and Tommy.

As Kip left the main group, a vacancy arose for the dominant male to take charge of
affairs. Out of Peter and William, we thought that it would be Peter who took charge
as he had previously challenged Kip the most.  True to form, with the
backing of his mother Samantha (dominant female), Peter has gradually
started to display alot more and try to intimidate all around him. Within ‘his’
group this seems to have had the desired effect and on a few occasions over the
last week or so, both Peter and Samantha have displayed and Holly, Jollie and
William have been displaced.  

On the other side of the house the hierarchy seems to fall from Danny at the top, then Kip and Tommy at the bottom. Both Danny and Kip give the impression that they would happily step in and show Peter what a real alpha male is all about, if given the chance. For the present though, Peter seems to be enjoying his position at the head of his group,
despite the fact that most of his keepers see this as only earned thanks to the strength of his mother Samantha! 


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