Benji, Rosie & Tuli Settle into a New Home

Our big chimp move reached a very significant stage last week as Benji, his daughter Tuli and Rosie, the remaining three chimps in ‘Main Row’, moved to a larger enclosure next door to Choppers and Louis leaving Main Row empty.

The move went exceptionally well, and all three chimps have settled into their new home very well. Staff have enjoyed watching little 5 year old Tuli in a nice big space with lots of room for her to swing around, and look forward to her meeting new chimps she’ll hopefully make friends with! Rosie particularly seems interested in observing Louis and Choppers next door.

Prior to the move, the maintenance team at Twycross Zoo had worked hard to erect a new climbing frame in their new home with plenty of rope and interesting things for them to do, so all three chimps have been keeping themselves busy! A few modifications to their outside run still need to be carried out before Benji’s group can have full use of the enclosure, but for now they all seem content in their new house.

Having cleared the ‘Main Row’, Twycross’s Chimp Keepers have been spending time ensuring that everyone’s settling into their new enclosures and are establishing routines. Keepers are still trying to adjust to not having any chimps to look after in the Main Row!

Photograph: Tuli foraging for food in her new enclosure!



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