A New Friendly Foursome!

This week saw Coco & Noddy integrate in with Ricky & Mongo. Mongo, being Cocos son and also previously cohabiting with Noddy, was very happy to be reunited with these familiar faces. Ricky, a less social animal and not familiar with the others, has coped very well and was seen being groomed by Noddy during the week. A great step for him to accept this show of affection.

There has, as always with chimps, being a few disagreements and Ricky and Mongo have a few cuts and bruises to show for this but otherwise the keeping staff and management at the zoo are very pleased with how this foursome have settled. The keepers particularly enjoy seeing how small Coco looks in such a large house and watching the boys displaying at their neighbours.

From the “Chimp Complex” the keeping staff have enjoyed seeing Tommy come out of his shell a lot since his and Danny’s introduction with alpha male Kip. Danny and Kip are both very respectful of one another’s size and strength and it is hard to say who is the dominant one at the moment. Tommy accepts his role graciously as the lowest ranking of the three. The boys frequently play fight with each other and can be heard making a human-like laughing noise when they’re particularly enjoying themselves.


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