Coco and Noddy Move House!

The next step in our chimp relocations into larger groupings and better housing occured on Tuesday 13th November with old-girls Coco and Noddy (both in their 40’s). Mongo, Coco’s son, had blazed the trail from the outdated ‘chimp-row’ up to the new ‘chimp-conversion’ to join Ricky exactly two weeks ago. Now, Coco was to enter the same house as her son, along with her long standing sidekick Noddy, after many years in ‘chimp-row’.

The Ape keepers were particularly looking forward to seeing these two girls moved as they’d both been in this older area for as long as most could remember and so to see them in more contemporary accommodation would be amazing.

The sedations and moves went without incident and both Coco and Noddy were given a clean bill of health from our Vet team, after being given all the usual health checks, and left to recover in their new home.

Towards the end of the day, once the anaesthetic had worn off, the girls were re-united so they could reassure one another in this unfamiliar environment. Watch this space to read about how Mongo and Coco react when reunited in the coming week.

All concerned were pleased with how the day transpired and it was great to see how zoo management, vet staff and keepers worked as a team throughout. Most of all it was great to see two of our eldest chimps wake up in this brighter, more spacious and naturalistic accommodation!



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