Ricky & Mongo Make Friends

After being moved to a newly converted enclosure last week, males Ricky and Mongo have been spending the week getting to know one another, their new spacious enclosure and also interact with their noisy neighbours. The initial introduction went without incident and surprised keepers looked on as the pair quietly got acquainted- earplugs were slowly removed by staff and deemed redundant!

If Ricky and Mongo continue to peacefully cohabit, it is hoped that old-timers Coco (Mongos mum) and Noddy can be moved in with them to form a nice group of four in the coming weeks.

Due to Ricky moving house, his former neighbours Louis and Choppers now have double the indoor space and have 24 hour freedom to go outside into the run. Keepers and maintenance staff are making ongoing improvements to the house, incorporating more naturalistic climbing options using logs and tree stumps.


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