Ricky and Mongo on the Move!

As part of our ongoing attempts to house our chimpanzees in larger, more natural groupings, this week has seen two males moved out of their seperate older enclosures into our recently converted Chimp House, previously used to house Gorillas. Our keepers and maintenance team have worked hard to convert this enclosure to make it more suitable for Chimps with lots of high level rope work and platforms to climb on.

On Tuesday (30th October 2012) Mongo was sedated and moved from Chimp Row and given a thorough health check. Our veterinary team were happy with his weight, body condition and teeth and so he was left in a bed in the new house to recover whilst we brought up Ricky, who had been housed close to Mongo. They weren’t quite close enough to interact fully but would have seen one another from afar and heard each others displays and vocalisations. Ricky had had a health check recently and so the veterinary team kept his sedation to a minimum and brought him round in a bed adjacent to Mongo ready for their formal introduction in the coming days once the effects of their sedations had fully worn off.

All the zoo staff worked well together and were happy with the way the moves went and are hopeful Ricky and Mongo will become friends and enjoy their new house. More Chimps are to be moved into this house, once Ricky and Mongo have had time to get to know one another, and so keep checking our blogs to see how this exciting story unravels.



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