Danny and Tommy – A Closer Look

Danny and Tommy are slowly being integrated into the top group.

We are pleased with Danny’s progress as he has stopped a lot of the self -and human-focussed behaviour to act more ‘chimp like’ and focus on the new chimps.

Tommy is handling this in a different way. Tommy now has the space and chance to get away from Danny and the public and we are very happy to give him those choices. He is a much quieter personality than Danny so he is progressing differently, but be assured he is adapting well to the new area. Whilst we appreciate some may miss the contact with Tommy, we hope you understand it is part of his ‘relearning to be a chimp’ that includes spending less time in view of people and away from Danny if he chooses.


1 thought on “Danny and Tommy – A Closer Look

  1. I spent a long time on Sunday watching Danny and tommy okay with William and Peter through the Perspex, including finger and toe touching underneath.

    I was very interested in how Danny and Kip were interacting too. They were pressing genitals through the Perspex after a commotion the closet they could get to the usual male mounting after a conflict. I was very impressed by this behaviour. I felt that kip was actually taking the more submissive role here.

    Maybe between them, Danny and Kip will keep Peter in his place 🙂

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