Jollie’s Health Check!

Jollie had a health check this week, and we are pleased with her health in general.

This thorough check included x-rays, heart scan, blood sample, dental check and she was given a contraceptive implant. She weighed 49 kilos which is a good weight for an adult female.

The cardiac work was carried out by a team of cardiologists from Cardiff University. This continues our work with the European Great Ape Heart Project, which aims to create a database of information about cardiac health in apes.




1 thought on “Jollie’s Health Check!

  1. Really looking forward to an update on Ricky who we’ve not seen for a while. I know his days as alpha were coming to an end but I am sad for him the way things turned out. Before the introductions started he was SO cocky and full of himself, showing off to his girls, dashing up high to check out the neighbourhood. Last time I saw him he was on his own which he is not used to. So please, what’s happening to him?

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