Danny and Tommy Update!

The introduction of our chimps into larger social groups continues, with us now planning the next stages of introducing Danny and Tommy into Kip’s group.

Danny seems very keen to make friends with some of the group members so over the coming weeks the chimps will be moved around the building so that they can familiarise themselves with areas of the building that they haven’t been into for some time.  This will ensure that everyone is comfortable with all areas before we proceed with introductions.

The old gorilla house has now been fully converted for chimpanzees so the keepers are going to put up new ropes in the internal area and then in the next couple of weeks we hope to start moving more chimps out of the old chimp row accommodation.  This is very exciting for us because this is what we have been working towards for over a year now and whilst it seems to have taken a long time it is very important that the chimps have had time to adjust to each stage before we proceed to the next.

All the chimps have been doing very well, gaining confidence and making new friends, as well as having some disagreements with new neighbours!


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